Why should you consider Content Marketing?

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Why should you consider Content Marketing?

What do experienced marketers say about Content Marketing?

45% of marketers cite content and experience management as their top priority according to Econsultancy’s Digital Trends 2018 report.

Rated top digital marketing technique by marketers to give the most commercial benefits in 2018, according to a SmartInsights poll.

And in the same poll 30% rated content marketing as the most important commercial investment ahead of mobile marketing, Big Data, search personalisation, conversion optimisation and other digital marketing techniques.

So with marketers stating content marketing as being a top priority for 2018, should you be considering it too?

Content Marketing is a powerful, effective technique to reach and engage your customers and audience, as well as gaining great search engine listings.

Main benefits of Content Marketing – it can help you :-

Content Marketing and SEO work hand in hand

Building rich content will not only empower your customers with knowledge about you and your business, but will also provide Google with quality content which it will love, and in our experience means improved rankings for your website.

It’s important to target the right content, to the right customers with the right keywords for SEO.

Valuable key phrases and terms need to be identified and search volumes, for those particular search terms, considered.

Once you know the important terms that you wish to target, awesome content can be created around those search terms, with each article being optimised for SEO so that you can be sure it is targeted and tailored.

Content Marketing can take the form of:-

Content marketing can be fresh, unique articles but there are also other great ways of grabbing customers attention and standing out such as :-

Additional benefits of Content Marketing

The content can be used across multiple platforms so you won’t run out of things to say on social media.  You’ll be providing fantastic content that can be shared.

Content Marketing can show you as an established leader in your field

We can help you create valuable content for your website and digital presence that your customers will love and Google will rank.

Would you like to find out more about how Content Marketing can benefit your business - contact Electric Media to find out more.

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