Electric Media, Bristol

Integrating marketing, technology and digital channels to save you time and grow your business

Integrating marketing, technology and digital channels to save you time and grow your business

Digital expertise, industry experience & business knowledge, delivering integrated solutions

Who we are

Electric Media's team have been working in the Web industry for over 20 years.

We are eCommerce experts, we are SaaS cloud platform providers, we are Internet consultants, we are marketers with a proven track record to deliver - experience counts!

What we do

We own and operate a series of Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud platforms, we provide Internet consultancy, a range of online marketing services, as well as digital solutions, including Website/server hosting and hosted email services etc.

Our aim

To make your life easier, to save you time and money, by integrating technology and marketing, to help you connect with your customers and make the running of your day-to-day business, easier.

This is demonstrated with our multi-channel selling platform ShopTill-e which we designed to help businesses get to market quickly and sell *everywhere* online, in-store and across Internet Marketplaces.

A lot of 'selling' platforms were geared towards just point of sale (ePOS) or just eCommerce, and with changing consumer behaviours, merchants needed to utilise all the selling channels available to them, to meet customer expectations and maximise their selling potential.  However, merchants found managing multiple systems time-consuming and costly, and we wanted to reverse that. 

That’s when ShopTill-e was born – a multi-channel retail platform that saves you time and money, by enabling you to sell everywhere using just one system and manage all your sales, customers and more, from one central hub, for a simple, low cost, monthly fee.

Work with us

In this constantly evolving, digital world, we are able to bring our skills and expertise to support your needs. 

Working with you, we'll help you solve your challenges and empower your business, saving you time and connecting you with your customers, cost-effectively.

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