Spam and viruses cost businesses time, effort and money - protect your Inbox

With the Electric Media Spam and Virus Protection you can be confident that the email you receive will be from your trusted sources. It is an easy and effective way of protecting your business email from spam and viruses.

Spam now accounts for 96% of all email. Sorting through the junk costs you in time and effort, not to mention how annoying it can be. It can affect employee productivity as well as your company’s bottom line.

A single email virus can cost your company an enormous amount in damages, lost productivity and compromise your systems and data integrity.

It's important to protect your Inbox from Spam and Viruses

Our Spam and Virus Protection will quite simply protect you from the latest virus IDs to ensure protection against even the most recent emerging virus threats, as well as removing the headache of junk email allowing you and your staff to get on with the running of your business.

There is no hardware or software to install. It is entirely web-based and it also provides a simple, secure admin area where you can define any settings such as allow/deny senders if you wish.

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