A seamless shopping experience for customers

When customers see your brand, they don’t see a separate retail shop and ecommerce website, they see a seamless approach to buying. 

Some will do their research first via your website and then come into your shop to buy, or click and collect. Others browse social media, or shop via Amazon or eBay.

The point is, customers now shop in multiple ways and it's crucial for retailers, who want to take advantage of multi-channel selling, to use the right technology.

Using the right technology will:-

  • take away the headache of managing multiple retail systems
  • streamline processes, remove unnecessary admin duplication
  • eliminate associated costs of running multiple selling platforms
  • stay knowledgeable in real-time about sales and stock levels
  • make multi-channel selling easy

And that's where ShopTill-e can help....

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Easy multi-channel selling, use just one system

Get everything you need to sell multi-channel and coordinate all your online and in-store sales with one easy-to-use retail system.

Fully integrated in-store and online shopping, an all-in-one solution that has all the functionality you want to sell your products everywhere and manage your retail business with ease. 

With its streamlined processes, real-time inventory tracking, click and collect, loyalty programmes, promotions and so much more, it allows retailers to save time, reduce costs and grow.

Combined cloud ePOS and ecommerce platform

Efficient management of your retail store and online shop with its seamlessly connected:-

  • Point of Sale (EPOS) system - so you can sell in-store and face-to-face
  • Online Shop / Ecommerce platform - so you can sell online
  • Marketplace integration - so you can sell via eBay, Amazon and more
  • Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram feeds - to promote your products where your customers are
  • Easy to use central hub - to run and manage all the above, easily
Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses logo image

Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses

Comprehensive inventory management that's seamlessly synchronised; as you sell on one channel, products, stock and sales are automatically updated everywhere.

Great customer features are included; loyalty programmes, special offers, promotions, bundles, cross sell/upsell, gift vouchers that can be redeemed online and in-store, comprehensive shipping, click and collect, return and exchange management and so much more.

And with its multi-till, multi-outlet and multi-webshop options you know you can grow.

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The all-in-one retail system for efficient and cost-effective multi-channel selling

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