Website Backup Service

Website Backup Service

Website Back up service

Having your website backed up these days is becoming increasingly important.

Websites are now regularly being changed and updated with either fresh copy or new functionality.  With the use of content management systems these upgrades are not always carried out by your web agency meaning that more than ever you are in control over the updates to your website.

Therefore having your website regularly and automatically backed up can be very beneficial.

Keeping your Website safe

Sitations can occur.  We have had customers come to us as they have overwritten an important blog article or deleted some customer information in error.  Having a backup allows you to access this information and re-upload.

Having a back up of your website can be a smart move too. Although a rare occurrence, problems can occur with the server your website is hosted on. Most of the time these issues are resolved quickly but sometimes they take longer than expected and in these circumstances a backup would allow you/us move the website onto a different server quickly and easily from backups, giving you complete peace of mind.

Back-ups can usually be obtained from your hosting provider, however in our experience this has been a lengthy process and in this digital day and age we want access to our files immediately. Also what if something should happen to the hosting provider?  If they hold the back ups how can you or us access them? Having your website automatically and regularly backed up in your own 'website locker' will provide you with peace of mind that in any eventually you can access your website files.

Amazon Web Services

We have partnered with Amazon Web Services and have launched a Website Backup Service that will :-

You can rest assured that your website is protected.

What to know more about Website Backup?

If you would like further information on how to keep your website safe then contact us on 0845 6171117 or contact us.  Prices start from as little as £5.00 per month.

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