Make your ecommerce website product descriptions stand out from the crowd

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Make your ecommerce website product descriptions stand out from the crowd

Selling online means competing with thousands, or even millions, of rival products and with such fierce competition, a stand-out ecommerce product description is one of the best plans of attack.

You need to sell the benefits of your product in a way that is engaging and memorable to encourage your product to be bought, as well as gaining favourable rankings with Google.

Here are a few tips for writing a product description that jumps off the page for your ecommerce website.

1. Use short sentences

Online shopping may have made our lives more convenient, but it has ruined our attention spans.  With unlimited entertainment options just the click of a mouse away, you can't expect your readers to stick around for long.  Most online shoppers will run a mile when confronted with a big block of text, so short, punchy sentences will help to keep their attention, thereby improving the odds of a sale.

2. Create a problem then solve it

This is the golden rule of advertising.  Create a problem and then sell the solution. A good ecommerce product description will generate empathy by describing an everyday challenge or annoyance.  This could be anything from "There's nothing worse than losing your wallet" to "Nobody wants to waste their time." You should then describe how your product is the perfect solution to this problem.

3. Link features and benefits

Every time you mention a feature of your product, you should explain why this is a benefit. Don't just say that a shirt is made from breathable cotton; point out that this will keep you cool in the summer.  Don't just say that a laptop is small and lightweight; say that this makes it perfect for travel.

4. Use meaningful adjectives

Try to avoid overusing adjectives that are just synonyms for "good".  Calling a product "excellent" or "brilliant" or "wonderful" doesn't actually tell the reader why they should buy it.  Try to choose adjectives that actually sell the features of the product.  A sturdy table is better than a fantastic table. An intuitive piece of software is better than a great piece of software.

5. SEO, SEO, SEO... 

Don't forget about SEO!  It's extremely important for your ecommerce website to gain those important higher rankings and the chance of increased sales.  Tools such as Keyword Planner can tell you the most common search terms relating to your product, and you should try to include these in your description.  However, remember not to overdo it as keyword stuffing is frowned upon by Google.

Also sacrificing good writing or correct grammar for the sake of SEO can be extremely off-putting to readers.

What else is frowned upon by Google?  Duplicate content.  Always create unique content for your ecommerce product descriptions and never copy content from other websites.

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