The Power of Live Chat in your website

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The Power of Live Chat in your website

Live chat is a great way to connect with your online customers, it's convenient, quick and non-invasive, although many businesses often overlook this efficient communication tool for their website.

Live chat is not just for ecommerce websites, it can be for any website.

What is live chat? 

It's the little chat box that is often seen in the bottom right of a website that says something along the lines of 'Can I help you today?'.

Here we look at 5 ways live chat can really benefit your business when incorporated in your website:-

Customer satisfaction

Customers want businesses to be easy to deal with and offering live chat makes it easy. Customers can easily write their question and have it answered in real-time by a real person.

This way of communication helps to build a positive brand experience for your business by offering that one-to-one interaction and providing a personalised service.

Fast response

Waiting customers can become frustrated, they are likely to seek items and services elsewhere if their questions aren’t answered in a timely manner and one of the great advantages of a live chat system is the ability to speak to numerous customers simultaneously.

Gone are long queues at call centres or waiting for a reply to your email, a live chat option can quickly answer your customers’ queries.

Drive your sales

A live chat option can help ‘drive the sale’.  A customer may have a query that’s preventing them from crossing the line and making that purchase. 

It allows them to ask more detailed questions about your service or a particular product and is a route many customers find more user-friendly than speaking on the phone to a stranger.

Available 24/7

Most businesses are not manned 24/7 but your website can be.  If it’s out of hours or maybe you're in a meeting or away from the office, your customers can still send an after-hours contact form using the live chat facility.

Here they can leave their name and email address and their query will be received by the office once they log back in.

Customers love live chat

A study by eDigitalResearch show that customers appreciate its accessibility and they prefer it to any other customer service channel, including email, telephone or social media.

Of the 2,000 consumers surveyed, almost a third (31%) use live chat, of which 73% rated their satisfaction with the channel as high and 67% said that they found live chat easy to use.

Other research shows that 31% of online shoppers from both the US and UK say they would be more likely to make a purchase after a live chat.

So how can live chat work for you?

As you can see there are many positives to including this feature into your website, whether it’s an ecommerce website or a brochure website, providing the customer with that immediate response that they have now come to expect.

It's easy to add to your website and can follow your brand and look of your website.

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