Digital Marketing ideas for your Brochure Website this Christmas time

Digital Marketing ideas for your Brochure Website this Christmas time

So you may not have a retail shop or an ecommerce website but Christmas is still an excellent time to promote your services to your new and existing customers.

Here are some ideas for promoting your services this Christmas time..

Is your website responsive?

Mobile continues to see massive growth. Browsers use multiple devices to research - tablet, mobile, desktop etc. It's important to understand that the market has changed and the way your website is viewed must adapt too. Ensure your website works in a responsive design.

Decorate your website - Make it Christmassy!

Ensure you “decorate” your homepage and landing pages to inspire your visitors to take action. Your home page is your shop window in the online world and it should be no different from a high street shop window.

What key messages do you want your customers to see? Does it promote your top services? Invest in some great Christmas banners for your home page, promoting your services and messages this Christmas time and give your website a festive feel.

Utilise entrance or exit capture

This is a great promotional tool - ideas on entrance such as providing an offer of some kind if they sign up to your email newsletter enabling you to market your fantastic offers and deals over the Christmas period. Also consider offering enticing deals to those about to leave your site to encourage them to contact you.

Be environmentally friendly

Rather than sending a Christmas card why not send a Christmas e-Card this year? We can create a Christmas themed card and send it to your all your customers this Christmas.

Promote your Christmas news and offers

Don’t forget to tell your customers about your Christmas news and messages. Spread the word using tried and tested methods such as email marketing and social media, and remember to add quality content to your blog about your top selling products, delivery, returns etc.

Super charge your website

No-one wants to browse a slow website. Make sure your website works fast and loads fast. This means that not only will your customers enjoy a quicker browsing experience but you will also earn extra kudos with Google as page speed is a core part of their algorithm with 'faster' websites being ranked higher. Talk to us about how we can test to see how fast, or slow, your website is and what we can do to make it run faster.

Review your SEO and add great content

It's so important to ensure you are being picked up by Google and are ranking well for your chosen keywords, so it's a great time to review them and make sure they are still relevant.  Also review the titles, meta descriptions and ensure the pages have relevant information and your chosen keywords for Google to pick up.

Also adding quality content to your website about your industry, services or case studies works hand in hand with SEO; a great content marketing strategy can help you achieve better rankings than just using SEO in isolation.

Make your website run securely

With this Google initiative it's important to ensure your website runs securely via HTTPs. Bear in mind that Google now ranks 'secure' websites higher than non-secure websites so it's an added bonus.

Digital Marketing ideas to help at Christmas time

This is by no means an exhaustive list but some simple online marketing ideas to help you promote your services this Christmas.

Electric Media Bristol would love to help you. Contact us or call us today on 0845 6171117 to discuss your Christmas ideas and plans in greater detail.

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