Benefits of a Managed Email filtering service for Spam and Virus protection

Benefits of a Managed Email filtering service for Spam and Virus protection

Email, Virus and Spam


Due to its speed, affordability and traceability businesses put greater reliance on email as the most vital communication tool.

However the downside of this is that Spam now accounts for 96% of all email which puts delivery systems and IT resources under constant strain and costs you in time and effort sorting through the junk.

Businesses need a comprehensive email solution to address spam and virus's. With the growth in the quantity and the variety of threats that are now sent and received by email and web, successfully filtering it is business critical.

Options Available

Businesses that consider email and web to be a vital communications tool have the following options:

Do Nothing –

No longer a realistic option given the potential cost of being infected by a virus. Also the implications of an employee who has received or viewed inappropriate material through their corporate email or web usage.

Install Software –

This option involves both the separate software and the hardware required for it to operate. This option requires software to be purchased, installed, configured and maintained at the highest possible levels by the company/business. Any failure of the software leaves the business on their own to resolve any resulting issues or dependent on a support call that is typically costly, time consuming and unhelpful.

Purchase an Appliance –

Also requiring installation, configuration, and maintenance and, as with software, offering no guarantee of accuracy and reliability.


Set up an Managed Email filtering service -

Cost effective, easy to install and easy to use. Takes away the headache of downloading any updates etc

Managed Email Filtering Benefits

The set up is both quick and simple, requiring no hardware or software to install

Unlike software and hardware, email and web is filtered on the Internet, before it reaches the user’s IT network, thereby saving bandwidth by delivering only “clean” email

You don't have to worry about the latest software updates, a spectrum of dedicated filters takes away the burden to give you, the user, peace of mind

Networks are protected from Denial of service attacks

Each customer retains full, real-time and flexible control of email via an easy-to-use and intuitive web portal

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