Delivering Quality SEO - 6 Tips for a successful SEO strategy

3 May 2019

Delivering Quality SEO - 6 Tips for a successful SEO strategy

The search engines are extremely important and powerful marketing tools.

Who doesn’t use a search engine to find information that is relevant and interesting to them?

With that in mind if you are a business who is wanting to reach new prospects and customers, it’s a really important element of your digital strategy and marketing.

About SEO (search engine optimisation)

SEO is all about making you visible in the natural listings of the search engines.

SEO is about optimising your website to get you in front of your target audience for your targeted keywords and phrases.

How important is an SEO Strategy?

Very. So many businesses launch their new website and think they have ticked the box for their digital strategy. They don’t always consider the impact that good SEO can make to their marketing efforts.

A successful website, whether it's an ecommerce website or a brochure website, needs:-

6 steps for a successful SEO strategy

1) Understand and review your goals, target audience and keyword analysis
2) Audit your Brochure website or Ecommerce website
3) Review the SEO technical aspects to your website such as being mobile friendly, page speed, https, duplicate content and structured data
4) Get your on page SEO correct – check your meta data, content, internal linking and ensure SEO best practice
5) Create valuable, awesome content and gain quality links
6) Monitor and review your SEO effectiveness and continually improve on it

SEO consultancy services in Bristol

Getting to the top of Google can be crucial for business success. Good SEO can bring in quality leads and sales for your business.

A website should have an SEO strategy in place and that’s where Electric Media Bristol can help. We provide a range of expert SEO consultancy services that will ensure your website:-

Our SEO Services include:-

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